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A Place In your Heart.

A Place in Your Heart Radio is a talk show that is a

tribute to Michael Jackson.

It speaks to an assortment of issues. The show features guests from diverse nations, and has presented Journalists, authors, artists, musicians, professors, doctors and countless other professionals. A Place in Your Heart Radio was initiated as a vehicle to console, the many people who were aggrieved and traumatized by the death of Michael Jackson. The show, which was successful in its endeavor has evolved, but continues to give voice to a global community. Listeners consist of every culture, race, creed, color, economic class, and social strata. A Place in Your Heart Radio reaches 20 countries. A Place in Your Heart is a network, and also produces a television broadcast. Our television show, A Place in Your Heart TV, is on CAN cable in Chicago. Although the station is in Chicago It will remain a tribute to Michael Jackson. We are focused on matters that address all that is humane. These include violence prevention, health issues, and a host of topics that in fact ‘heal the world.

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I have learned many things but greatest lesson I have ever learned is how to love and be loved. I learned that from Michael Jackson. Love is forever. That is why Michael Jackson will always live in our hearts. Maya Angelou said People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.They way he made us feel…was loved. Michael Jackson healed, filled and lifted the hearts of people all across this globe. It is time for us to try to "heal the world" ~Rev. Catherine Gross,Ed.D
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